Surfing In Bundoran, Ireland

More than a few people thought I had lost my mind when I told them I was going surfing in Bundoran, Ireland. Since I live in California, they didn’t understand why I just wouldn’t surf at home… I live in Santa Barbara, and I’m only 10 minutes from Rincon.

Well first off, my attempts at surfing haven’t been too successful… That, however wasn’t the reason. I had better luck at Stand Up Paddling. It was going well, so I focused on that.

Just as I was getting confident, signs about a shark attack started appearing on the local beaches. A sea lion in the marina had become a meal for a shark!

Stay out of water shark attack by Julie Miche

California Beach…. Would you go in?

Uggghhh… That immediately put a halt on all my water activities. All I could think about was sharks! I was more than freaked out.

It’s one thing to be out there paddling among dolphins, quite another to be with something that thinks you are food. Since I had halted SUP, surfing wasn’t really topping my list of things to do in California!

Apparently, sharks like warmer water, and we’ve had a lot of it in California lately.

Ireland’s water is much colder, so when I came across a groupon special offered by Bundoran Surf Co. I jumped on it! This was my chance to surf!

Surfing in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Bundoran Surf Company

The Groupon Deal included lodging, breakfast, a surfboard, and a wetsuit. What a deal! I chose to upgrade to a private room for a small additional fee. It was quite large, and well worth it. I could have brought friends!

I arrived early evening in Bundoran. The Éireann Bus had taken the scenic route from Dublin, and I actually crossed into Northern Ireland. For awhile I thought I had taken the wrong bus!

After settling in, I headed to Maddens Bridge Bar for food. The fish and chips were really good, and the chocolate fudge cake is to die for! Get the chocolate cake if you go!

I grabbed a pint, and listened to a Trad Session before heading back to the surf lodge. I decided to call it an early night, so I could actually get up to surf in the morning. The 8 hour time difference was tough, and I had been starting my days in Ireland around 2:00 in the afternoon.

Morning was rough to say the least. I ate breakfast, drank lots of coffee, and then suited up in a damp wetsuit. Are they supposed to start out wet? Brrrrr…. I was cold, tired, and kind of grouchy. I am not a morning person.

After my cranky morning whining, I boarded the The Bundoran Surf Co. van heading to Tullan Strand, and with any luck would soon be surfing the Atlantic.

Getting reading to surf in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Heading down to the beach

Once on the beach, we stretched, and learned how to paddle while still on land. I was ready for the water! Next we did some swimming, and were taught how to get out of a riptide… Things you generally don’t think about, but really need to know. Thanks guys!

Time to grab the boards… The waves seemed to be coming from several different directions. It was a little overwhelming at first, but in a good way. It’s that moment when you realize the sheer power of the ocean, and how small you are in it. There is no time for fear, only respect for the environment that you are in.

Tullan Strand surfing by Julie Miche

Tullan Strand

I got on the board, up onto my knees, and promptly fell off. On my way down, I swallowed a mouthful of salt water. Holy good God! I was not expecting that. I regrouped, tried again, and kept my mouth shut. This time when I fell in, the water shot straight through my nose! And, I thought standing would be the hard part.

With the help of a really great instructor, and a lot of determination I stood up! Finally… Success! I don’t even know how it happened, but it was truly exhilarating, and I wanted more!
I managed to stand several more times before we headed back to lodge.

Bundoran, Ireland surfing

Paddling, Standing, My Instructor

Riding back in the van, everyone was sharing stories of their own challenges as well as the excitement of the moment they actually surfed! Once back at the lodge, we were treated to some much needed hot cocoa and cookies.

I’m not sure how much surfing I will do in the future, since it most likely would be in California… That is yet to be determined. I am, however, extremely grateful that I was able to surf in Bundoran, Ireland. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Thank you Bundoran Surf Co. for an amazing experience. You guys are awesome! I just might have to come back!

surfing in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Thanks Bundoran Surf Co.!










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Rincon Surfers

Surfers at Rincon

Rincon is one of the best places to photograph surfers… And, surf too!  It’s also just a great day trip, and not very far from Santa Barbara.  The Lensbaby is my favorite lens to use at Rincon. It’s perfect for playing with the motion of the water, and photographing the surfers.

Rincon Surfers, Ventura CA, Day Trip, Travel, Ocean, Santa Barbara Day Trip, Surfing at Rincon by Julie Miche

Waiting For A Wave


Rincon Surfers, Ventura CA, Day Trip, Travel, Ocean, Santa Barbara Day Trip, Surfing at Rincon by Julie Miche

Surfer Going In


Rincon Surfers, Ventura CA, Day Trip, Travel, Ocean, Santa Barbara Day Trip, Surfing at Rincon by Julie Miche

Rincon Surfers


Rincon Surfers, Ventura CA, Day Trip, Travel, Ocean, Santa Barbara Day Trip, Surfing at Rincon by Julie Miche

Surfing Rincon

Venice Beach Day Trip

Day Trip to Venice Beach, CA

When my friends suggested a day trip to Venice Beach, I couldn’t resist.  It had been several years since I had last been there, so I packed up the Lensbaby and headed out. Venice Beach is a visual paradise, with no shortage of characters.

We started our day on the boardwalk.  With so many shops, restaurants, and things to check out, you can wander for hours.  And, it’s definitely a great place to people watch!

Next it was time to hit the beach, and bust out the surfboards.  The waves weren’t huge, but they were big enough for the kids.

We finished our day with a Margherita Pizza and Beer at Danny’s on Windward Avenue.  Yum! What a perfect way to end a super fun day!

Travel, Venice Beach Day Trip, Day Trip from Santa Barbara, Venice Beach Artist

Venice Beach Artist

Venice Beach Day Trip, Venice Beach CA, travel California, Day trips from Santa Barbara, Venice Beach Art

Venice Beach Art Mural

Travel, Venice Beach boardwalk, Venice Beach Day Trip, Venice Beach Ca, Day trip from Santa Barbara California

Dancing with the Devil, Venice Beach

Venice Beach Day Trip, Travel, Venice Beach California, Lensbaby, Day Trips from Santa Barbara

Venice Beach Wall Graffiti Wall


Venice Beach Day Trip, Travel, Venice Beach California, Lensbaby, Day Trips from Santa Barbara, Surfer

Venice Beach Surfer