Gallery Store Is Up!

The Gallery Store – It’s Up and Running! I

I finally have the Gallery Store up and running!  There several different galleries.  Be sure to check them all out!  All images are available in a couple different finishes.  The metal prints have the image directly infused into the aluminum, and have a float mount hanger attached to the back.  The Metallic prints are unframed with a glossy finish, and metallic appearance.  
Come on in!
  There are many images to choose from!  Come back often, I am always adding more!

Gallery Store, Panoramic Photographs, Surfers, Julie Plevak

Available in the Panoramic Gallery

Image Gallery, Store Gallery, Prints for Purchase, Julie Plevak

Available in the Image Gallery

Mandala Art, Mandala Gallery, Gallery Store, Julie Plevak

Available in the Mandala Gallery

Lensbaby – Industrial Pieces

 Lensbaby Composer –  Double Glass Optic With Macro Converter

I brought out the Lensbaby Composer today, and am using the double glass optic combined with the macro converter…  I’ve been collecting some industrial “stuff” to use for art pieces.   This is one of my scrap finds… Not sure what I’m doing with it yet!  I’m hoping to use it in a mixed media art piece of some sort.  I just recently added the Lensbaby macro converter to my collection, and thought I’d see what kind of look it would give to this piece.  I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I like the metal, rust, and texture of it.

Lensbaby Composer Double Optic Macro Converter

Industrial Piece & The Lensbaby

Lensbaby Macro Converter – Texture

Texture and the Macro Converter for Lensbaby

The Macro Converter for the Lensbaby was my choice again for week three of this project.  I was working with different textures, and the macro converter was the perfect choice here.  This is a screen that is above my shower.  Normally, when the water and soap hit it, my first thought is not to grab my camera!  When I saw texture of the bubbles on the screen, I grabbed the Lensbaby!  I love the strange movement in it.   It’s almost as if it’s growing some weird alien matter.

Macro Converter for the Lensbaby

Lensbaby Macro Converter and Texture

Lensbaby Macro and Film Reels

More Lensbaby Macro and Film Reels…

Ok, I am obsessed with the Lensbaby Macro!  I’m literally looking for things I can get up close to and photograph.  For week four, I decided to bust out the film reels again.  I have a lot of them… And, there is so much you can do with them.   I had to experiment for awhile to get the look I was after.   I stacked the Macro onto the Double Optic, and discovered there is a bit of a learning curve to find the sweet spot.  There are just so many different ways to play with this lens.   I’m already wondering which Lensbaby to get next!  I am definitely feeling like a little kid in a toy store!  Give me more!

Lensbaby Macro

Lensbaby Macro and Film Reels

Lensbaby Macro Converter – 52 Week Project – Manipulated Reality

Week  two has been a lot of experimenting with Lensbaby Macro Converter, and learning it’s capabilities.  I really like some of the results I’m getting.  There really isn’t much not to like about any Lensbaby!  I’ve continued to work with some industrial pieces, and  it’s been more fun than I expected.  This one is from an old film reel.  I found it at a stored called  Art From Scrap in Santa Barbara, CA.  The store t is a treasure chest of all kinds of scrap material!  I spend way to much money there, but it’s such a fun place!

lensbaby macro converter

Film Reel and The Lensbaby Macro Converter


Venice Beach Day Trip

Day Trip to Venice Beach, CA

When my friends suggested a day trip to Venice Beach, I couldn’t resist.  It had been several years since I had last been there, so I packed up the Lensbaby and headed out. Venice Beach is a visual paradise, with no shortage of characters.

We started our day on the boardwalk.  With so many shops, restaurants, and things to check out, you can wander for hours.  And, it’s definitely a great place to people watch!

Next it was time to hit the beach, and bust out the surfboards.  The waves weren’t huge, but they were big enough for the kids.

We finished our day with a Margherita Pizza and Beer at Danny’s on Windward Avenue.  Yum!  What a perfect way to end a super fun day!

Travel, Venice Beach Day Trip, Day Trip from Santa Barbara, Venice Beach Artist

Venice Beach Artist

Venice Beach Day Trip, Venice Beach CA, travel California, Day trips from Santa Barbara, Venice Beach Art

Venice Beach Art Mural

Travel, Venice Beach boardwalk, Venice Beach Day Trip, Venice Beach Ca, Day trip from Santa Barbara California

Dancing with the Devil, Venice Beach

Venice Beach Day Trip, Travel, Venice Beach California, Lensbaby, Day Trips from Santa Barbara

Venice Beach Wall Graffiti Wall


Venice Beach Day Trip, Travel, Venice Beach California, Lensbaby, Day Trips from Santa Barbara, Surfer

Venice Beach Surfer

Playing With The Lensbaby!

It’s Lensbaby Time

This is not what you expect to see at a beach in Santa Barbara.  It doesn’t exactly cry out paradise!  It does however, make me want to grab my Lensbaby!  The pipeline runs along a small portion of the beach near Stearn’s Wharf.  I love the industrial look of the pipes, combined with the motion of the plants.  I used the Lensbaby Composer with Double Optic.

Lensbaby, Lensbaby Composer, Lensbaby Double Optic, Santa Barbara Beach, Travel

Pipelines on the Beach

Rincon Surfers

Surfers at Rincon

Rincon is one of the best places to photograph surfers… And, surf too!  It’s also just a great day trip, and not very far from Santa Barbara.  The Lensbaby is my favorite lens to use at Rincon. It’s perfect for playing with the motion of the water, and photographing the surfers.

Rincon Surfers, Ventura CA, Day Trip, Travel, Ocean, Santa Barbara Day Trip, Surfing at Rincon

Waiting For A Wave


Rincon Surfers, Ventura CA, Day Trip, Travel, Ocean, Santa Barbara Day Trip, Surfing at Rincon

Surfer Going In


Rincon Surfers, Ventura CA, Day Trip, Travel, Ocean, Santa Barbara Day Trip, Surfing at Rincon

Rincon Surfers


Rincon Surfers, Ventura CA, Day Trip, Travel, Ocean, Santa Barbara Day Trip, Surfing at Rincon

Surfing Rincon

Lake Geneva Storefront Window

Storefront Window- Lake Geneva IL

I had been traveling in Chicago, and decided to go on a day trip to Lake Geneva. I came across this storefront while antique hunting. This has to be one of my favorite storefront windows in Lake Geneva!  I just love how the sun starbursts through the glass!

travel, Day TripLake Geneva Storefront, Beatiful Storefront Window, Geneva IL, Near Chicago IL


Web Of Life

Web of Life

I needed to take a mini break this morning from my “brain”.  It’s been a rough couple of days to say the least!  I headed towards Faria Beach to sit on the rocks to meditate.  I was sitting there thinking how surreal everything looks in the fog, when I noticed this giant spiderweb between the rocks.  It’s intricate design was so beautiful!  I found myself studying all the paths the spider had taken. There were so many!  Some were shorter than others, but each had a beginning and an end. It made me think of all the different paths we choose daily, and how fascinating it would be to view the “humanweb”!

Web of Life, Day Trip to Faria Beach, California, Meditate, Spider Web

“Web Of Life”