East Beach – Photo Of The Day

Photo of The Day – Shoes of Jason

I actually made it to East Beach during the afternoon to shoot.  I’ve been shooting a lot at night, so it was a nice change.  I wanted to  play around with low angles, and happened to come across a pair of Vans sitting in the sand.  As I was shooting, the owner of the shoes soon appeared, looking a bit perplexed!  I guess I must have looked a bit strange taking pictures of his shoes!  I told him about the project I’m working on, and he shared some of recent travel adventures!  And, they were quite the adventures!  Maybe I need to shoot more shoes!

Photo Of The Day, Santa Barbara California, Great travel adventures, Vacation by Julie Miche

“Shoes of Jason”

Stearn’s Wharf Foggy Night

Stearn’s Wharf  365 Project

It promised to be a foggy night down at Stearn’s Wharf.  I’ve been wanting to take some fog photos for some time now, so I grabbed my camera and headed down there.  I was not disappointed!

Travel, Stearn's Wharf, foggy night, Santa Barbara CA

“No Fishing”


Foggy night, Stearn's Wharf, Santa Barbara CA, Travel

“Foggy Night”