Kayaking At Cachuma Lake

Kayaking Cachuma Lake

A friend invited to me go kayaking up at Cachuma Lake yesterday.  I hesitated at first. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been out on the lake. In fact, I’ve actually avoided going. The drought in California has impacted the lake on such a level, that it’s depressing.

Getting out in nature should never have that effect.

I decided to go anyway. I met my friend at his campground, and we headed to the lake. It was worse that I could have ever imagined. The lake was a mere fragment of it’s former self.

Drought effect on Cachuma Lake

Where did all the water go?

Wow! I felt as if I had been punched in the belly. I stood staring in disbelief. I wondered how much longer before it totally disappeared.

A pipe running through the center of Cachuma Lake was pointed out to us. It’s impossible to miss! The pipe feeds water down into Santa Barbara. This July, there are plans to drop the lake ten more feet to keep that supply running.

What happens when Cachuma Lake ceases to exist? Where will you get your water from Santa Barbara?

To see the lake disappearing, you face the reality of how important it is not to lift the water restrictions too soon. And, it makes you wonder why nothing was done sooner.

Once in the water, you can’t help but notice the beauty surrounding the lake. As we paddled around the lake, we talked about what a great loss this would be for all of us if a solution isn’t found.

Cachuma Lake Kayaking

Kayaking around Cachuma Lake

Shore of Cachuma Lake

Taking a break on the shore

Rain, of course would be the most obvious solution. That, however cannot be relied on.

So, until Mother Nature starts producing it again, what are our options?

What are we doing?

Bureau of Reclamation

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Paddywagon Day Tour

Kilkenny & Wicklow Paddywagon Day Tour

Since, I haven’t wrapped my head around driving on the left side of the road, my mode of transportation in Ireland has been by bus.

Maybe I’ll give driving a whirl in the summer…..  And, I’ll be sure to give all of Ireland ample warning that I’m on the road!

For now, I am quite okay with someone else doing the driving.

Paddywagon Day Tours Bus

My ride! What’s not to love?

A Paddywagon day tour is a great way to check out some of the more popular attractions in Ireland. They have a nice variety of tours to choose from.

I had been spending a lot of time on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland, and thought it was time to wander to another part of the country. I decided to check out Paddywagon’s Wicklow and Kilkenny Day Tour. The tour leaves out of Dublin, taking you through the Wicklow Mountains, with stops in Glendalough and Kilkenny.

Molly Malone Dublin

Tour picks up at Molly Malone statue in Dublin.

What a gorgeous drive! The countryside is incredibly beautiful.

The first stop is in Glendalough, home to an early Christian monastic settlement.

Gateway of Monastic City Ireland Paddywagon Day Tour

Walk through the Monastic City Gateway

As you walk through the Gateway, it’s like stepping back in time. It is the only surviving medieval gateway into a monastic city in Ireland. Can you feel the history?

Glendalough Gates Monastic City Paddywagon Day Tour

Love all the stonework!

Paddywagon Day Tour, St Kevin's Church Paddywagon Day Tour

St. Kevin’s Church

After exploring the monastic city, head onto the trails to check out the lakes….. There are two.
I spent so much time in the ruins, I only saw the lower one….. Guess that means I’ll have to go back!

Glendalough Pathway to lake Paddywagon Day Tour

Pathway to the lake

You could spend hours there….. So much to see and explore.

Glendalough, Ireland Round Tower

Round Tower in the distance.

Glendalough Ireland Lower Lake

Lower Lake

Time goes by much too quickly here….. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty surrounding you.

After we get back on the bus, we head towards the Wicklow Gap….. It’s pretty much a photo opp stop, and then we are off to Kilkenny.

The Wicklow Gap

Quick stop for photo opp at the Wicklow Gap.

The bus arrives at the doorsteps of Kilkenny Castle….. You have two hours to explore the town or take a tour of the castle.

Killkenny, Ireland Castle

The Castle….. Isn’t it magnificent?

Kilkenny fascinates me. I’m not quite sure why….. Perhaps because it’s a medieval town. I guess I’m amazed that ancient structures still exist….. As an American, it is something you just don’t experience on a daily basis.

Kilkenny Castle on the River Nore

The Kilkenny Castle on the River Nore

Kilkenny, Ireland view

View of Kilkenny, a medieval town.

River Nore, Kilkenny Ireland

The town sits alongside the River Nore.

After checking out the castle, and a walk around the town, I had just enough time to grab an Irish Coffee at a local pub.

Time flies by once again, and leaves me wishing I could stay longer….. But, there was a Paddywagon Bus waiting.

Next stop….. Dublin.

Dublin Bridge, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

I had such a great day! The tour was such a fantastic way to be introduced to another part of Ireland.

Thank you Paddywagon for sponsoring the trip! The tour was fabulous, and I can’t wait to do another one! Next time I’m bringing friends!

The Real ID Act

With a new year comes new travel rules and the enforcement of The Real ID Act.

Did you know that in 2016 you may need a passport to travel domestically? The Real ID Act is a law that was passed in 2005 by Congress. It is being phased in across the United States and will be enforced by Homeland Security.

Passport, The Real ID Act, domestic travel

Do you need a Passport?

Before you travel this year, check to see if your state is in compliance with the new travel rules.

Without proper identification, you can’t board your flight! Goodbye trip!

There are currently only 22 states in full compliance, many that have been granted extensions, and some that did not receive extensions.

The following states/territories are compliant with the REAL ID Act:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • DC
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • S. Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

The following states/territories have an extension, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver’s licenses from these states until October 10, 2016:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Idaho
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • N. Carolina
  • N. Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • S. Carolina
  • Texas
  • Virginia

The following states/territories have an extension, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver’s licenses from these states, until June 1, 2016.

  • New Hampshire

The following states/territories are under review for an extension renewal, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver’s licenses from these states, until at least January 10, 2016 under a grace period.

  • Guam
  • N. Marianas
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virgin Islands

The following states/territories have not received an extension for 2016 and will be subject to enforcement for accessing most Federal facilities, nuclear power plants and military bases beginning Jan. 10, 2016.

  • Illinois
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • Washington

Ireland… What Have You Done To Me?

Ireland… What have you done to me? And, why did you call me back so soon?

My first trip to Ireland was in February. I spent 12 days in Dublin, and 2 in Galway… It was not enough. I was officially addicted, and wanted more.

Accepting my new addiction, I decided to skip summer in Santa Barbara, California and head to Ireland. I felt pretty good about my decision! All addictions aren’t bad are they? I thought of it kind of like really good chocolate, or a fine wine. I’m quite ok with both of those, so what’s one more?

After landing in Dublin, I jumped on a bus to Galway for my first few days.  I felt like I hadn’t spent enough time there on the first trip, plus I also wanted to explore other areas of Ireland. Dublin would have to wait for later in the trip.

So off I went to explore Ireland…

I was in Galway for the International Arts Festival, Galway Fringe, & Race Week.

In the Claddaugh looking at Galway

The River Corrib in Galway, Ireland


I surfed in Bundoran.

Tullan Strand in Bundoran, Ireland for surfing, traveling in Ireland

Heading to Tullan Strand with the surf crew


I went in search of Fungi the Dolphin in Dingle.


I toured the Wicklow Mountains and visited an Medieval monastic settlement in Glendalough.

Glendalough, Ireland Monastic Settlement, traveling in Ireland

Touring the early Christian monastic settlement of Glendalough.


I had some of the best Irish Stew in Kilkenny.

Kyteler's Inn in Kilkenny Ireland, Best Irish Stew, traveling in Ireland

Best Irish Stew at Kyteler’s Inn



















I took a black taxi tour in Belfast and signed the peace wall.

Northern Ireland, Peace Wall, traveling in Ireland

I signed the Peace Wall!


I walked across the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge in Ballintoy, County Antrim , Northern Ireland.

County Antrim, Northern Ireland, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, traveling in Ireland

I did it!


I checked out the Giant’s Causeway, and wondered if the legend was true.

The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland, County Antrim, traveling in Ireland

Checking out The Giant’s Causeway!


I saw an improptu Irish Broom Dance at a very traditional pub in Ennistymon.


I hiked and soaked in the pure beauty of the Cliffs of Moher.

Hanging out at the Cliffs of Moher in Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland, traveling in Ireland

The reward after the hike!


I partied like a rock star in Lahinch.

Lahinch Ireland pub for a stag party, traveling in Ireland

How did we end up part of a stag party?


I traveled the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way from Donegal to Dingle.


I learned how to pour a perfect pint at the Guinness Storehouse.

Learn how to pour the perfect pint at the Guinness Connoisseur Bar, traveling in Ireland

Pouring the perfect pint at the Guinness Connoisseur Bar


I achieved the status of Irish Whiskey Taster at the Jameson Distillery.

Old Jameson Whiskey Tasting tour, Dublin Ireland, traveling in Ireland

Got my official Whiskey Taster Certificate here!


I traveled through 12 counties in Ireland, including: Dublin, Kildare, Westmeath, Roscommon, Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick, and Kerry.

Traveling in Ireland, all the places of been, traveling in Ireland

All the places I’ve traveled to in Ireland!


It was quite the adventure. I had seen a lot of Ireland, and wanted to continue to the south. None of my airbnb accommodations. however, were working out. The south would have to wait for another trip. Ahhh… A reason to come back! Did I really need one?

As I tried to figure out where to go next, one place kept tugging at me to come back. It was Galway.

It had quickly become my favorite. I had to ask myself… Why Galway?

Somethings can’t be explained. Sometimes it’s the things you just feel… Sometimes you’re not even really sure why.

Perhaps it was…

The avante-garde vibe that just is…  Artists, dreamers, and free spirits will feel right at home there. I felt more at home in Galway than where I’ve lived in Santa Barbara for the past 6 years… How is that even possible?

Live music is everywhere… My favorites were the daily Trad Sessions at multiple pubs around town. The best part is that most have sessions starting at around 5:00 pm & 9:00 pm. You could make it an early night and see the 5:00 session, but most likely you’ll still be out and about for the 2nd round. And while bouncing between pubs, there are plenty of buskers on the street that are very talented, and worth a listen.

The singing in the pubs… Everyone sings! And, they know all the words… Even the American songs. I don’t know all the words, and I grew up hearing them! The funny thing is, it made me think of my Grandma. She was part of a huge German family that settled in Chicago, and back in the day sang in the neighborhood pubs with her brothers and sisters. She would have loved this place! Nobody sings in American bars… I refuse to count karaoke! It’s not the same.

The many Irishmen that gave me Irish dancing lessons in the pubs. I should be better at it by now, but I think I spent more time laughing than learning any steps… Good fun!

It’s a festival town. Who doesn’t like a good party? Galway does it right.

Watching the world go by, laying on the grass along the River Corrib on a sunny day… Yes, they do exist! Everyone comes and hangs out by the Spanish Arch alongside the river on sunny days!

Walking through the Claddagh  in the morning, heading for coffee and crepes at my favorite place in the Latin Quarter… The simple everyday things that make you feel like you’re at home.

The people… I traveled solo this time, and no matter where I went, I never felt alone. The people are amazingly friendly.

The Craic… Oh, the craic! I love it! Don’t know what it is? Guess you need to go to Ireland!


So Ireland, what have you done to me?

I have decided not to question it anymore. Sometimes you really don’t need an answer.

Somethings I do know, others I’m not so sure of.

For whatever reason, you have weaved yourself into my heart, and that’s a good thing!

Guinness Storehouse

A day in Dublin requires a visit to the Guinness Storehouse

Guinness tour in Dublin Ireland

Taking the tour

The tour of the Guinness Storehouse is a self guided interactive museum exhibit where you can learn the history of Guinness, and all about the brewing process. There is quite a bit to see, so plan about 1 1/2 hours.

Barrels for beer at Guinness

Check out those beer barrels!

Make sure to stop by the Guinness Academy where you can learn to pour the perfect pint. You’ll even get a certificate for it!

In Dublin Ireland, The Guinness Academy

The Guinness Academy

I recommend taking the Connoisseur Experience.

The Connoisseur Sessions are held at a swanky private bar, and limited to 14 people at a time. It’s worth upgrading your ticket for this intimate experience!

Once you’ve finished the Guinness Storehouse tour, you’ll head over to the private Connoisseur Bar to taste what Guinness has to offer. Get ready… You’re in for a treat!

I had no idea how many different beers they made! You’ll learn all about them as your bartender guides you through the variations, plus you’ll get to taste them too!

Tasting Guinness at the Connoisseur Experience in Dublin Ireland

Yes… I tasted them all!

Once you’ve been introduced to all the varieties offered, you will be guided back to what Guinness is known best for… It’s iconic stout.

Next up, you will get to learn how to pour the perfect pint. They even let you behind the bar for this one! What a fun experience. I’m pretty sure I could get a job as a bartender now… After all, I’ve been trained at Guinness!

Learning to pour the perfect pint at Guinness Storehouse

And this my friends is the perfect pint!

As you sit and enjoy the perfect pint that you’ve just poured, the bartender announces that you can bring home one of your favorites from the tasting. I really enjoyed the Dublin Porter, and was more than happy to take a bottle home.

The fun doesn’t have to end yet! Make sure to head up top to the Gravity Bar. Grab another pint while enjoying the 360° views of Dublin. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Gravity Bar at Guinness

The Gravity Bar

Gravity Bar at Guinness









If you need some food in your belly after all the beer, swing by Brewers’ Dining Hall. They menu is huge, and the food delicious.

*A Special thanks to the Guinness Storehouse for their Sponsorship. I had a grand time and can’t wait to do it again!

Galway Ireland – A City of Festivals

Galway, Ireland is well known as a City of Festivals. Be sure to check out what’s going on in Galway before you book a trip. There are many fun festivals throughout the year, and you’ll want to catch at least one. I wanted to be there in July to catch the Galway International Arts Festival, Galway Fringe, and Race Week. This is by far one of the most lively times to visit!

The International Arts Festival hosts over 200 shows, over 14 days, in venues all around town. Make sure to grab a festival guide, so you don’t miss anything!

Galway Fringe is a multidisciplinary Arts Festival which encompasses theatre, dance, literature, visual arts, cabaret, and street performances. Galway Fringe also puts out an events guide to keep track of what’s going on. You’ll need it!

There are so many amazing artists and events to see, and two weeks is not enough to do it all. You will have to pick and choose what you can fit in!

Race Week starts just as all the art events are finishing up. The Galway Races runs for 7 days. If you’ve never experienced horse racing, this is a super fun event to check out. There are different themes featured throughout the week. Family Day and Mad Hatters Day is fun for adults & the kids. Enter the competition! The prizes are really good if you win! Ladies Day is another popular time to go. It’s when “The Best Dressed Competition” takes place. If you want to check out some amazing fashion, this is the day to show up!

Even the lads dress up! A City of Festivals

Even the lads dress up!

Here’s a few of my favs from it all!

Patricia Piccinini is an Australian contemporary artist. Combining silicone, fiberglass, and human hair in her sculptures, she creates mutant beings which are incredibly realistic.

A city of festivals, galway art

Patricia Paccinini Art – Galway, Ireland


I was on my way to a Fringe Event for a painter taking place at the Galway Mechanics Institute. I must have looked at my schedule wrong, because I wandered into a Spoken Word Event. I was invited in by Francesco Bionda, one of the poets. I’m so glad I showed up at the wrong event. I was impressed by the poets, and made a new friend too! Sometimes getting lost is a good thing!

Francesco Biondina shared his poetry at Galway Fringe Festival. You can read Francesco’s poetry at One Wants To Become.

James Delaney, also shared some of his poetry at Galway Fringe Festival. James is part of the Tullamore Rhymers Club.

One of the the events that I was really excited to see was The Giant Divas & Les Tambours. The Divas are three giant dolls that move through the streets of the Galway while singing opera.

Giant Divas perform at Galway International Arts Festival.

Tin Soldiers’ Band of Drummers perform through the streets with the Divas.

And, last but not least, I was able to see Fia Rua perform at De Burgos. He is such an extraordinary artist, combining Irish Traditional & Folk music, and giving it a punk edge.

It was fantastic seeing him in such an intimate club in Galway. I even had the chance to sit and  chat with him after the show! Amazing!

Fia Rua performing at De Burgos for Galway Fringe Festival. Check out the official site of Fia Rua to hear more!

Things To Do In Bundoran, Ireland

I was there to surf, and would be in town for a few days.

I was looking for other things to do in Bundoran, Ireland while I was there. It’s a pretty chill seaside town, and is well known for it’s surfing.

Things to do in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Take a walk at Tullan Strand

I surfed at Tullan Strand, but also took a day just to walk the beach and zen out… It’s incredibly gorgeous and peaceful.

Walk the beaches… Experience nature.

Surf, swim, play in the water, Bundoran Ireland by Julie Miche

Surf, swim, play in the water!

Whether you are traveling by yourself or with family and friends, make time to just go play! The beaches are lovely!

Tullan Strand is great for surfing or a stroll on the beach. Things To Do In Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Take a stroll on the beach.

Go horseback riding. It’s so amazing to see these beautiful creatures galloping along the Atlantic. Check out the local Equestrian Center, and take a ride.

Things to do in Bundoran, Ireland Go horseback riding by Julie Miche

Go horseback riding at Tullan Stand

Check out the coastline along the main part of town. You’ll find lots of families out for a day at the beach. If you’re traveling with kids, it’s a great place to hang out, plus the Bundoran Adventure Park is really close by.

Walk the beach right at the edge of town in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Where the ocean meets the town

Be adventurous! Jump off a cliff! I was hanging out, chatting with a family from Northern Ireland. They were in Bundoran for a weekend holiday. A couple of adventure seekers started climbing up onto the cliff near where we were sitting. We all watched and wondered if they would actually jump… They did! I don’t think I could do it, but it was fun to watch!

Cliff jumpers, adventure seekers  Things To Do In Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Just jump!

Go fishing! Growing up, I did a lot of fresh water fishing with my family in Wisconsin, so when I came across a couple guys fishing on the shore of the Atlantic I was curious. What were they trying to catch, and what were they using for bait?

Shoreline fishing in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Fishing the Bundoran Coastline

The bait looked like an earthworm and a centipede mated! They were using ragworms. I’ve never even heard of them.

Using ragworms to catch fish in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Creepy crawler… aka Ragworm

Apparently you can catch quite a variety of fish… Pollock, Cod, Wrasse, Conger, and Fluke can be caught from the shore.

Catching fish in Bundoran, Ireland from the shore by Julie Miche

He caught one!

Check out the pubs… Yes, they exist! It’s not just surfing and nature.

I stopped by Brennan’s Criterion Bar late afternoon for a pint. The pub is run by 2 sisters, Nan & Patricia. They look like they could be my Grandma! The sisters were born above the pub, opened by their grandparents, and are the 3rd generation running Brennan’s. The ladies are there 7 days a week serving up drinks, and taking care of business. There are no tv’s or music in the pub, so you have to talk to each other! Stop by if you are ever in Bundoran. The Brennan Sisters are a hoot!

Brennan's Criterion Bar, Nan & Patricia by Julie Miche

Nan & Patricia Brennan

One of my other favorites in Bundoran was Maddens Bridge Bar. It’s great for checking out Trad Sessions, grabbing some really good food, or a pint.

The Chasing Bull is a good place to check out live music later at night. It’s a bigger pub, and draws a pretty lively crowd.

Surfing In Bundoran, Ireland

More than a few people thought I had lost my mind when I told them I was going surfing in Bundoran, Ireland. Since I live in California, they didn’t understand why I just wouldn’t surf at home… I live in Santa Barbara, and I’m only 10 minutes from Rincon.

Well first off, my attempts at surfing haven’t been too successful… That, however wasn’t the reason. I had better luck at Stand Up Paddling. It was going well, so I focused on that.

Just as I was getting confident, signs about a shark attack started appearing on the local beaches. A sea lion in the marina had become a meal for a shark!

Stay out of water shark attack by Julie Miche

California Beach…. Would you go in?

Uggghhh… That immediately put a halt on all my water activities. All I could think about was sharks! I was more than freaked out.

It’s one thing to be out there paddling among dolphins, quite another to be with something that thinks you are food. Since I had halted SUP, surfing wasn’t really topping my list of things to do in California!

Apparently, sharks like warmer water, and we’ve had a lot of it in California lately.

Ireland’s water is much colder, so when I came across a groupon special offered by Bundoran Surf Co. I jumped on it! This was my chance to surf!

Surfing in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Bundoran Surf Company

The Groupon Deal included lodging, breakfast, a surfboard, and a wetsuit. What a deal! I chose to upgrade to a private room for a small additional fee. It was quite large, and well worth it. I could have brought friends!

I arrived early evening in Bundoran. The Éireann Bus had taken the scenic route from Dublin, and I actually crossed into Northern Ireland. For awhile I thought I had taken the wrong bus!

After settling in, I headed to Maddens Bridge Bar for food. The fish and chips were really good, and the chocolate fudge cake is to die for! Get the chocolate cake if you go!

I grabbed a pint, and listened to a Trad Session before heading back to the surf lodge. I decided to call it an early night, so I could actually get up to surf in the morning. The 8 hour time difference was tough, and I had been starting my days in Ireland around 2:00 in the afternoon.

Morning was rough to say the least. I ate breakfast, drank lots of coffee, and then suited up in a damp wetsuit. Are they supposed to start out wet? Brrrrr…. I was cold, tired, and kind of grouchy. I am not a morning person.

After my cranky morning whining, I boarded the The Bundoran Surf Co. van heading to Tullan Strand, and with any luck would soon be surfing the Atlantic.

Getting reading to surf in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Heading down to the beach

Once on the beach, we stretched, and learned how to paddle while still on land. I was ready for the water! Next we did some swimming, and were taught how to get out of a riptide… Things you generally don’t think about, but really need to know. Thanks guys!

Time to grab the boards… The waves seemed to be coming from several different directions. It was a little overwhelming at first, but in a good way. It’s that moment when you realize the sheer power of the ocean, and how small you are in it. There is no time for fear, only respect for the environment that you are in.

Tullan Strand surfing by Julie Miche

Tullan Strand

I got on the board, up onto my knees, and promptly fell off. On my way down, I swallowed a mouthful of salt water. Holy good God! I was not expecting that. I regrouped, tried again, and kept my mouth shut. This time when I fell in, the water shot straight through my nose! And, I thought standing would be the hard part.

With the help of a really great instructor, and a lot of determination I stood up! Finally… Success! I don’t even know how it happened, but it was truly exhilarating, and I wanted more!
I managed to stand several more times before we headed back to lodge.

Bundoran, Ireland surfing

Paddling, Standing, My Instructor

Riding back in the van, everyone was sharing stories of their own challenges as well as the excitement of the moment they actually surfed! Once back at the lodge, we were treated to some much needed hot cocoa and cookies.

I’m not sure how much surfing I will do in the future, since it most likely would be in California… That is yet to be determined. I am, however, extremely grateful that I was able to surf in Bundoran, Ireland. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Thank you Bundoran Surf Co. for an amazing experience. You guys are awesome! I just might have to come back!

surfing in Bundoran, Ireland by Julie Miche

Thanks Bundoran Surf Co.!










Check out Things To Do In Bundoran, Ireland