Day 54 of the 365 Photography Challenge

Before going back to Santa Barbara, I headed out to Death Valley National Park for a few hours.  I had never been there, and couldn’t wait to check it out!  I was amazed by the size of the park, and the incredible landscape.  I would like to return when I have more time to explore.  It’s pretty amazing!

“Badwater Basin Death Valley”

Badwater Basin is at the lowest elevation in North America, at 282 feet below sea level.  The landscape is totally surreal, and made up of vast salt beds.

“Badwater Basin”

“Badwater Basin Death Valley, CA”

“Badwater Basin Death Valley National Park”

“Frolicking in Badwater Basin”

I couldn’t resist taking off my shoes and playing!  After heavy rainstorms, a temporary lake forms on the salt beds!

“Death Valley”

“Devil’s Golf Course”

The Devil’s Golf Course in incredible!  It is made of of spires of rock salt shooting up out of the ground!

Day 53 of the 365 Photography Challenge

I wanted to check out the Veer condos in City Center, while I was in Vegas.  They were giving tours, so I got to see three of them.  I wasn’t too impressed, which surprised me.  I guess I expected more!  It was also a bit shocking, that none of the windows opened in any of the units!  You would think that would be against code, but I guess not!  This photo is in the lobby by the concierge.

“Veer Lobby”