Day 25 of the 365 Photography Challenge

I went to Leadbetter Beach just a little bit after sunset.  I missed the light I wanted, and what was left was fading fast.  I found a couple walking the beach, grabbed a couple of shots, and hoped for the best!  I decided to stop shooting, and just enjoy the night.  I soon found myself mesmerized by the seductive power of the ocean.  It was as if I was watching it breathe!


Day 8 – Mannequins

365 Photo Challenge – Mannequins

I switched themes today.  I decided to try something new this week.  At first, I was going to do a storefront theme.  I even had the place in mind that I wanted to start with.  There is this fabulous wig store in Santa Barbara, and I have stopped by the storefront window many times.  The mannequin heads are fascinating!

I ended up shooting the mannequins instead of the store!  So, my theme of the week was born!  “Mannequins”.

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to work in color or black and white this week, so I did a version of each.

Mannequins in a storefront window, Santa Barbara, California, State Street


“Waiting” B&W version